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Redbridge Labour Mainfesto

Redbridge Labour have launched our local election campaign with a pledge card

Wes Streeting for Ilford North

Ilford North Labour Party members have chosen their candidate to fight Lee Scott MP in the 2015 General Election. The members heard presentations from four short-listed candidates and grilled them on their campaign experience and plans for Ilford North.

Mike Gapes MP offers condolences to victims of earthquake in Pakistan

Following a powerful earthquake measuring 7.7-magnitude which has killed at least 328 people and wounded hundreds more in Pakistan's remote south-west province of Balochistan, Mike Gapes, the Membe

Cranbrook Labour Action Team calls for consultation on speed calming measures

Last week the Cranbrook Labour Action Team submitted a petition to the Area 7 committee calling for Redbridge Council to enter into consultation with local resid

Statement on Defections from Cllr Jas Athwal

Following the defections of Cllrs Maravala, Tewari and Saund the Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Jas athwal has made the following statement.

Redbridge Labour Women's Conference

Redbridge Labour Women are energised and extremely proud of their efforts following a hugely successful conference on Sunday 12 May.

A weak David Cameron is letting you and the country down


David Cameron’s speech on Europe this week defined him as a weak Prime Minister, driven by his Party, not by the national interest.

His announcement of a referendum – to be held years from now – is not about public consent on our relationship with Europe. Instead, it’s all about managing the Conservative Party. At a time when the priority surely should be jobs and growth, David Cameron is risking creating instability and undermining investment in our country. And he has raised more questions than he has answered.

We don't need another re-launch

Last week, just over halfway between the last general election in 2010 and the next general election expected in 2015, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have reprised their Downing Street Rose Garden mo

Stand Up for Labour - Redbridge Style

Redbridge Labour organised Ilford's only comedy night last Saturday and welcomed nearly 100 guests to Ilford Catholic Club

Last week’s mini-Budget hits strivers, not shirkers

The full scale of David Cameron and George Osborne’s economic failure was made depressingly clear this week, with the Chancellor delivering his ‘Autumn Statement’. What's so funny? Working families losing out while 8,000 millionaires get a tax cut.

Our economy is shrinking. Almost 1 million young people are out of work and prices are set to carry on rising faster than wages next year. The result of this failure on jobs and growth is that the Government is failing on the one test they set themselves – to balance the books and get the debt down by 2015.

The Government’s efforts to hide this gloomy truth will not fool the people of  Redbridge whose squeezed living standards tell a different story.
While millionaires get a £3 billion tax cut, it is people who are already struggling to make ends meet – middle and lower income families and pensioners – who are paying the price for this failure.


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